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Setting Ambitious Workout Goals and Monitoring Your Progress Gets You to the Next Level

By Skip La Cour
Workouts For Older Men
Six-Time National Bodybuilding Champion
Success Coach

Many Men Do Not Document Their Progress in the Gym and Lose an Awesome Mental Edge

Many men make blind “guesses” at how productive they should be during each workout. They don’t use their already established patterns to set standards and strive to take them up a few notches.

Documenting your training performance during every workout is an effective strategy that will produce significant results over time. Your mind is your most valuable training tool by far. Documenting what you do helps you harness the tremendous power of your mind. Assessing what you do in the gym helps you set and achieve higher goals. Seeing what you’ve done before you begin each set forces you to strive for more.

You must always strive for improvement in the gym. Progressive, incremental improvements that are accomplished over time will make your efforts a more productive and enjoyable experience in the long run.

Take Action and Do This NOW

Writing down what you’ve done in the gym isn’t just an exercise in record keeping. You want to take a look at you past performance before you begin each set. That way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do make incremental improvements. From week to week, you won’t have to guess how much weight you lifted and how many repetitions you were able to perform during a certain exercise. You’ll be able to start each new workout at a higher level.

Evaluate the overall performance of each workout immediately afterward too. Every workout can set the stage to make your next one even better. While it’s still fresh in your mind, take one or two minutes to assess your training performance. You want to reinforce what you’ve done well so you’ll repeat those things you’ve singled out—and curtail what didn’t go well before you’ve established bad habits.

We all have different ideas of what makes a workout good, bad, or somewhere in between. Well? How did you do? Whatever you have identified is most important to you when training, evaluate how close you actually came to accomplishing your objectives. Make a point to make this assessment before you take even one step outside of the gym.

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