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The Biggest Fitness Challenges Older Men Face And Their Solutions

Get instant lifetime access to my most popular course for older men, with all the information you need to exceed your fitness goals. 31 Instructional workout videos, a 12-module 11-hour audio coaching experience, and a detailed fitness plan and log sheet.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a private, one-on-one phone coaching session call with Skip La Cour to help jumpstart your efforts and answer all your questions. Learn More Below.

Skip La Cour, Your Coach

Get Instant Lifetime Access To The Most Comprehensive Fitness Course For Older Men

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One Time Payment

One-on-One Private Coaching Call With Skip La Cour

LIMITED TIME OFFER – You’ll receive a private, one-on-one coaching session on the phone with Skip La Cour. This is your time to ask questions and learn from my over 30 years in body building and fitness mastery. I’ll assess where you are now, get you clear on what to do next, and find out exactly what you need to exceed your fitness goals. Our conversation will be recorded and you’ll receive the mp3 sound file to listen to and learn from over and over again during the weeks and months to come.

Your one-on-one coaching call is with ME. I know the totally business-minded fitness experts on the internet just draw you in as the “figurehead attraction” and then farm you off to one of their coaches. That’s NOT what I do. I personally make the time for you.

Workouts For Older Men Training Routine + 31 Instructional Exercise Videos

Watch as I perform 31 exercises on standard gym equipment, including Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings) and Calves, Arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms), Shoulders and Traps, Back, Chest and Abdominals. In my Workouts For Older Men Routine, I share over 30 years of knowledge, tips, and tricks for ensuring proper form, maximum gains, and safety as an older man. You’ll finally learn exactly how to exceed your fitness goals each time you visit the gym.

12-Module 11-Hour Audio Coaching Experience

I’m including my 12-module, 11-hour audio coaching experience which covers topics like: Getting Back on Track, Nutrition & Diet, Muscle Formation at our age, Measuring Progress, Specific Fitness Problems older men face, as well as Rituals, Habits & Thinking Patterns of the most fit older men – and much more! Listen on the go, or at a time convenient to your busy life.

Daily Fitness Plan, Set & Rep Counts & Log Sheet

You’ll receive a comprehensive fitness plan with recommended daily exercises and a log sheet to track your progress each day, all in a printable PDF format. Print these sheets to record and track your daily exercises, sets and reps, and to evaluate your goals as you progress through the course each week.

BONUS: 90-Minute Video - The Top 10 Fitness Challenges That Older Men Face

I recommend watching my 90 minute BONUS video first. It’s powerful. This video will give you a general overview of what you’ll need to know about your fitness journey and taking it all to the next level. It will help build a rock-solid foundation upon which to succeed.

Skip La Cour

Age 59, Six-Time National Champion Drug-Free Bodybuilder

At 59 years old, Skip La Cour is the world’s #1 authority for Workouts for Older Men, Longevity for Older Men, and Personal Development for Older Men.

La Cour helps older men like you get in shape. He is the creator of the Age Optimization System and a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. He helps men who are a little older become their best both inside AND outside of the gym.

Skip helps older men with busy, productive lives make sense out of all the extreme and oftentimes conflicting fitness information. He helps older men with busy, productive lives use their willpower, focus, energy, and time efficiently to reach their fitness and overall life goals with the most effective, age-appropriate systems and strategies.

My Special Offer Includes All The Course Materials Shown, And A Private One-on-One Call To Discuss Your Fitness Challenges And Goals

$147 $247

One Time Payment For Instant Lifetime Access To ‘The Biggest Fitness Challenges For Older Man – And Their Solutions‘ Course

“I’m not much for words but I would like to say I was all over the map looking for answers on what’s good for older guys’ workouts. I finally came across Skip’s program. It was exactly what I was looking for. He makes it very easy to understand. I’m very happy with my progress now. I’ve lost 58 pounds and the proof is in the results.

Talking to Skip, the real deal, gave me the confidence that I was not wasting my time anymore. And I applied it. My biggest takeaways were just how important nutrition is and how the ’80-20 Rule’ applies to fitness. Thanks for everything, Skip.”

Gary Hewitt

Age 54, Winnipeg, Canada

“Skip was able to spend the time and determine how my personality was going to play a major part of the change of lifestyle that I was embarking on. We had several conversations about making sure that I understood the ‘Why’ for everything I was going to do. And mostly, keep it simple! This was a huge help when I came down to the diet!

…Skip was able to show me that my thoughts were good and had me heading the correct direction, but they were not complete. I had to have the help to manage the ‘Why’ and make sure that I understood the meaning and purpose of every step I took. This was especially helpful during the pandemic because I was able to refocus… Thanks for everything!”

Tom Herman

Age 54, Lipan, TX

“Skip’s methods work. He tells you exactly what you need to do and what you do NOT need to do to be fit at our age. It’s great finally getting fitness information from an older man who has been doing it for years.

He’s a six time national champion who still looks great today. Obviously, he knows what he is doing. The best thing about talking with Skip is that he is an awesome coach and communicator too. He keeps it simple and effective. Other fitness experts make the process complicated. Skip doesn’t.”

Michael Ciavarini

Age 64, Franklin, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Purchase The Course?

After purchasing, you’ll get instant, lifetime access to all the course material listed above, including 31 Workouts For Older Men instructional exercise videos, my 12-module 11-hour audio coaching experience, a detailed fitness plan and log sheet

Your USERNAME and PASSWORD will be emailed to you right away. Look for an email with the subject line: Congrats! You’re Registered.

I will personally contact you by email right away to schedule your one-on-one phone coaching session with me. Look for an email with the subject line: Hi! It’s Skip La Cour (from my personal email address.)

Do I Need To Provide My Shipping Address?

No! The ‘Biggest Fitness Challenges Older Men Face And Their Solutions’ course is available on my secure online members only website. After logging in to your account, you’ll be redirected to a page containing links to all the course videos, audio modules, and fitness plans. You can access your account on a device of your preference such as a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, and/or your mobile phone.

I Have A Busy Life, Between Work And Family, How Can I Implement An Effective Workout Schedule?

During our one-on-one coaching call, we’ll identify your current challenges and work to develop the best course of action to exceed your fitness goals.

I Workout Almost Every Day, But I Have Trouble Losing Fat Around My Midsection And Building Muscle. Can Your Course Help?

I encounter older men with stubborn belly fat and difficulty building muscle every day. This course is specifically designed to address both challenges, and we’ll discuss the why and how, together with solutions – and much more – during our one-on-one private coaching call. When our call has ended, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to address both challenges as an older man.

After Paying $147, Will My Credit Card Be Charged Each Month?

No! Your $147 payment is a one-time payment for lifetime access to all the course resources and includes your private one-on-one coaching call with Skip La Cour.

I'm Interested In Additional One-on-One Coaching Sessions With Skip La Cour. Is This Possible?

Yes! After realizing the benefits of a one-on-one coaching session with Skip La Cour, many members want to continue with regular calls – whether they be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even more frequently. If regular one-on-one private coaching interests you, let’s discuss available options during our initial coaching call together.

I Have Additional Questions. How Can I Contact You?

I am available to answer your questions by phone at 925.352.4366, or via email at When reaching out by email, or if you happen to get my voicemail when calling, please provide your name, phone number, and an email address where I can reach you, as well as any questions you may have. I work hard to reply to all inquires within 24-48 hours.

All The Information You Need To Exceed Your Fitness Goals As An Older Man

$147 $247
One Time Payment