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Do You “Hope” to Enter a Bodybuilding Contest Someday?

By Skip La Cour
6x National Champion

Do you hope to enter a bodybuilding contest someday?


Well, that’s awesome! Let me ask you a question, though:

What the heck is your PLAN?

You see, when it comes to taking on the rewarding yet demanding CHALLENGE of entering a bodybuilding contest, you must do a hell of a lot more than just “hope.”

As very wise mentor told me many years ago, “Skip, hope is a WORTHLESS emotion. You need to always have a PLAN.”

Over the years, I have received hundreds of emails from men who HOPED to enter a bodybuilding contest “someday.”

I would estimate that less than 5 percent of those “someday guys” actually made it onto a contest stage. And, unfortunately, I would estimate that no more than half of that 5 percent considered the experience a positive one—and never entered another bodybuilding contest again.

“When I gain more size”; “In three years”; “When my work (or school) schedule settles down”; and “When my legs catch up to the rest of my body” are some of the more common reasons why they put off doing what THEY REALLY WANT TO DO.

Look, if you ever want to enter a bodybuilding contest, you need to realize a couple of important things:
You are NEVER going to look in the mirror one day and say “Okay. Now, I am good enough to enter a contest.”

It works is this way:

You COMMIT to a SPECIFIC DATE and then you call upon all of your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological POWERS to make it happen! Many of which, you will not even realize you have inside of you! Trust me. You have a lot more power inside of you than you realize.

“Someday” never forces you to call upon those awesome powers. Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way.
The other important point is that you must find a MENTOR who can outline and thoroughly explain the ENTIRE PROCESS of contest preparation before you even begin your journey. Why? If you don’t, the UNCERTAINTY and LACK of CLARITY will mentally and emotionally CRUSH you!

Now that you have mentor here and he explains the process in great detail to you, then the rewarding and challenging work begins. Less of your brain power is required and, because of this, more of your WILL POWER will be UNLEASHED.

If you are determined to be one of the select, COURAGEOUS few men who actually step on stage and actually feel the tremendous FULFILLMENT of entering a bodybuilding contest, I want you to TAKE ACTION NOW.

. . . Commit, Execute, and Follow Through.


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