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“Pick Your Spot”

Cardio University #3

Who doesn’t want more? Who doesn’t want better? No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished in the past, we all have challenges.

Who do want to eventually become? What challenges must you FINALLY get past? What exactly do you have to do to make this all happen?

Imagine, for a moment, who you eventually want to become. Get good at imaging. Get VERY good at imagining. Practice several times a day.

“Pick your spot” for exactly where you want to be. Put your head down. Disengage from your immediate challenges. Get to work every single day to get there.


This week’s Cardio University Tribe Special Offer. Free 30-minute one-on-one session with me on the phone for any course investment. The first people who jump on this offer will get the first and best available time slots. This is an awesome way to set up your Cardio University agenda.


We must constantly introduce ourselves to new thoughts and ideas to get to the next level. We must steal time.

Cardio University, every single day, is an awesome way for us to be healthy, connect, stay focused on what we want, and introduce ourselves to new thoughts and ideas.

Good, sweaty, thought-provoking Cardio University session this morning! How about you?

Today’s “Cardio University” Takeways

This is what I pulled from my one-hour session reading/cardio today:

It’s Going To Be Awesome When We Get To Our Spot! There is a better place for us to be. We must focus on our “spot” in the future. We must imagine. We must get to work every single day and do something . . . big or small . . . to get there.

We have all tried and failed. It’s not us all the time that’s the problem. It’s the crappy information we were fed.

Every day that you put into Cardio University will make you feel better.

Too many people are trying to tell us what to do with our lives while they, themselves, are trying to figure out their own.

We need to protect our minds from those damn “Attention Grabbers” on social media. They’ll ruin us if we let them.

How about you?

I encourage you to join me for one hour a day of growth.

See you tomorrow morning.

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