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Conflict AVOIDANCE And Conflict RESOLUTION Aren’t The Same Thing

By Skip La Cour
Success and Leadership Coach
Creator of the MANformation Personal Development Program for Men

If you believe conflict avoidance is an effective strategy for get what you want in life, this is a belief system that must be eliminated immediately.

You must understand that you are not necessarily a “better” man just because you can successfully avoid these challenging situations. If fact, you are probably selling yourself short with other people by doing so.

Disagreements, conflicts, and confrontations are oftentimes important parts of the negotiation process between people that will eventually lead to agreements that can satisfy both parties.

Of course, it may appear that you are getting along well with people when conflict is avoided. At least, in the short run it will. How hard is it to stay out of other people’s way and give them what they want? The leaders in this world who get what they want in life would love for you to avoid conflict, get out of their way, and give them what they want.

The Alpha male is extremely confident and comfortable in the midst of conflict. How does he become so confident and comfortable? The Alpha male gets confident and comfortable by constantly stepping up to the challenge every time he must. If he thinks that he must stand up for himself and his position—then he does it. He conditions himself to never back down during those challenging times—even if he is uncomfortable. The Alpha male practices and exercises this mindset until it is firmly integrated into his personality. The Alpha male practices and exercises taking action until doing so becomes automatic.

The MANformation course, “The Mindset and Actions of a Power Alpha Male Leader,” will help you handle conflict and confrontation with confidence and poise. Go here to learn more about this life-changing challenge.

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