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Give Up Your Need for Approval, Start Getting What You Want, and Make Your MANformation

By Skip La Cour
Success and Leadership Coach
Creator of the MANformation Personal Development Program for Men

Get out of “the middle” and earn RESPECT from other people.

Most people seek love, approval, and validation from other people to some extent. That’s just being a human being. However, some people NEED approval more than others do.

How about you?

Understanding this common element in human nature and how it affects your relationships with other people can either work for you—or against you. It all depends on how you use this powerful information.

An extremely important organizing principle to becoming a powerful, influential, and charismatic Alpha male is to either stop needing approval from other people—or do an awesome job of giving them the impression that you don’t need it.

The Alpha male needs approval less than the other people in his group—or reveals that he needs it far less than the other people in his group.

There is a saying that goes “Nice guys don’t finish last. Pleasers do.”

You simply can’t aggressively go for what you really want in life with 100 percent focus, effort, and enthusiasm—while being a “nice guy” who desperately tries to please other people at the same time. It just doesn’t work.


You will end up pleasing no one. You will end up “in the middle.” I suggest that you start viewing being in the middle as horrible and extremely ineffective place to be.

You will never make yourself happy and you will never make the people you are trying so hard to please happy either.

To make matters ever worse, you will never be RESPECTED when you flounder in the middle. And, that’s a heck of a lot of effort to exert when all it earns is a lack of respect from other people.

Take a stand. Pick one side or the other with certainty and confidence. Other people will appreciate your decisiveness. You’ll discover that other people will adjust to your way of thinking without much of a challenge when you do.

Have the courage to just SAY it.

Have the courage to just DO it.

Have the courage to just BE it.

Start conditioning other people to live in your “reality.”

Trust yourself. Trust that other people are fair and rational.

The MANformation course, “The Mindset and Actions of a Power Alpha Male Leader,” will help you handle conflict and confrontation with confidence and poise. Go here to learn more about this life-changing challenge.

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