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You Are Always Selling Yourself

By Skip La Cour
Success and Leadership Coach
Creator of the MANformation Personal Development Program for Men

Is Acting Humble REALLY Serving You Well In Your Life?

Many men were taught as little boys growing up that it was “wrong” to act like you were better than anyone else. This lesson was usually taught to us by our parents who wanted to make sure that we fit in well with the other children. For some of us, this message was delivered by our peers who criticized those children who had the courage to present themselves with confidence.

Weren’t we also taught as little boys to strive for the very best qualities that a person can have? Wasn’t the message to become better than other people—and never settle for being average?
Do you really think your parents would be proud to know that they raised an average child? And, do you ever remember the smartest and most-talented children in school gravitating toward the average kids for leadership?

Whether being “better” to us meant being smarter, nicer, harder working, happier, more popular, better looking, or more athletic, wasn’t always strive to be better the message that we were directly or indirectly being taught?

The real message was mixed: We should aspire to become better than other people—but just make sure that we don’t act like it when we do.

As adult men, you can certainly understand how we may have adopted conflicting beliefs as to how much confidence we should present to the rest of the world, can’t you?

Is presenting ourselves with too much confidence really ever our problem? And, forget about what the average kids used to say back when you were a little boy growing up! The number of people in this world who act BETTER than they really are is so small that I wouldn’t even worry about that challenge.

If you are having trouble convincing people to treat you with the respect you deserve, acting too confident shouldn’t even be something you are debating.

Do you really believe the vast majority of people in this world overstate their value—or sell themselves short? Most of us sell ourselves way too short. We don’t give ourselves nearly as much credit as we should. We don’t carry ourselves with the confidence we should in order to get the respect from other people that we feel we deserve.

Oftentimes, we wonder why other people don’t recognize our true value. Isn’t it obvious?

When we sell ourselves short, we unintentionally convince other people to treat us accordingly. The people around us simply fall in line with the way we are presenting ourselves.

Is Acting Humble Really Serving You?

You should NEVER act humble just to make other people comfortable in your presence. If they don’t feel comfortable in your presence just because you display confidence, that’s their problem—not yours.

Leaders carry themselves with confidence. Carrying yourself with confidence is that great place in between being arrogant and acting humble.

There is a gigantic difference between being confident and being arrogant—and the middle ground is NOT acting humble.

Confidence is presenting yourself in manner that gets you what you want in life—while helping other people get what they want too. Arrogance is when everything you think, say, and do is only for your own best interests.

Alpha male leaders absolutely must present themselves with confidence in order to earn other people’s trust and respect. When you earn other people’s trust and respect, you will have an important ingredient needed to take your life to a higher level. And, your leadership skills will help other people take their lives to a higher level at the same time.

You Are ALWAYS Selling Yourself!

You are ALWAYS selling yourself and your ideas. The only question is; “How well are you currently selling yourself and your ideas to the world?”
If you aren’t getting what you want in life, assume that it is because you are not selling yourself very well. If you aren’t going to “sell” yourself well, why would you expect other people to “buy” into your leadership?

The Alpha male is very aware of the strengths he possesses. He proudly presents himself exactly the way he sees himself. Less dominant and Beta males will sell themselves short most of the time. They are very careful to not appear arrogant or too confident to other people. Less dominant and Beta males never want to take the chance of offending anyone.

If you THINK it–you must DO it!

Skip La Cour

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